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Following an incredibly successful maiden edition, Windorex + Glass & Aluminium Oman is all set for its next edition, spotlighting the fastest growing segments of the all-important construction sector, which is a key contributor to economic growth and employment generation. As in the first edition, with its focus on a wide array of products and services associated with the construction industry, Windorex + Glass & Aluminium Oman 2017 promises to uncork a plethora of opportunities for investment, trade, partnerships and SME development in the Sultanate.

Windorex + Glass & Aluminium Oman 2017
is a comprehensive gathering place for the windows, doors, glass, aluminium industries in conjunction with facades and sun protection systems in the region. The three-day event will play a significant role in opening new doors to the fenestration, glass and aluminium industries. The exhibition will also focus on modern sun protection systems that are characterized by premium materials, timeless design and mature technology. The exhibition will showcase a comprehensive range in the facade sector that are noteworthy for quality, design, energy efficiency and sustainability. Windorex + Glass & Aluminium Oman 2017 will be a value delivering platform as the visitors from various professions - architects, builders, interior decorators, constructors, developers, dealers, fabricators and distributors will be exploring the latest products and searching for the technology and the innovations that drive the fenestration market.

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Windorex + Glass & Aluminium Oman 2016 - A Walk Through

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